Aug 1, 2015

Mod Conflict Detector

Mod Conflict Detector for The Sims 4.

Hi, my name is DmitryMalfatto. I'm from Russia.
Here's my project, Mod Conflict Detector for The Sims 4. It's a powerful GUI tool for detecting and solving mod conflicts in the game. Allows you to get rid of trouble-making mods, empty mods, mods for another games, or technically-not-even-mods, that got in the Mods folder by mistake. I've been developing this program since February 2015, and now it's finally available not only in Russian, but in English as well!

Main Features:

  • Detect non-TS4 files;
  • Detect stray files (not *.package, *.zip et al, but something that doesn't belong in your Mods folder);
  • Disable (particular) mods;
  • Open file in s4pi;
  • Show file in folder;
  • Delete file(s) straight from the program;
  • Search for duplicate mods;
  • Analyse files (to find out exactly in what way they modify the game);
  • Copy conflicting ResourceKeys.



  • Please extract all files from the archive into a folder before launching the program! To work correctly, the program needs not only .exe file, but all the provided .dll libraries as well.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10*;
  • RAM: 512 MB (x32) / 1 GB (x64)
  • .NET Framework 4.0 

* RT, Phone and Mobile editions are not supported


    1. Обращаю внимание, что разработка не остановлена, но новая версия выйдет не скоро, требуется сильная переработка движка.

    2. Желаю удачи в дальнейшей разработке! Приложение отлично! Только исправьте ошибку в сообщении о создании образа игры. Там нужно : "Если вы откажЕтесь...".